Here you can find the winners and commended entries from each year of the Access to Understanding science writing competition.

Each of the summaries is provided with a link to the original research article, which is freely available through Europe PMC. We hope both authors and readers find them interesting and useful.

Access to Understanding 2015

Congratulations to this year’s top three – Philippa Matthews, Juliet Lamb, Peter Canning – and this year’s People Choice – Sabrina Talukdar. You can read the winning and commended entries below:


Access to Understanding 2014

First place: Beat box: how the brain processes rhythm

Second place: Reforming rheumatoid arthritis treatment: a step in the right direction

Third place: Populations within populations: drug resistance and malaria control

People’s Choice: How healthy eating can starve out cancer

Highly commended: Cutting the supply line: a new anti-cancer strategy?

Highly commended: A two-pronged attack to stop cancer in its tracks

Highly commended: Can a garbage strike in nerve cells cause Parkinson’s disease?

Highly commended: The TBPH gene – do neurodegenerative diseases have a fly in the ointment?

Highly commended: Let’s (not) get physical: the effect of Spironolactone on muscle strength in the elderly

Highly commended: A divorce in development: single regulators can raise arteries alone

Access to Understanding 2013

First place: Hip, hip, hooray!

Joint second place: Blood vessels from skin: the new frontier in tissue engineering

Joint second place: Another brick in the wall

Highly commended: Genetic study reveals that a significant proportion of intelligence is inherited

Highly commended: Breast cancer: two-face ER

Highly commended: “Will you just stand still?” Scientists gain insight into metastatic lung cancer

Highly commended: Pregnancy complications expose future disease risk

Highly commended: A window into brain disease is only skin deep

Highly commended: How heels help people walk